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do 3
okt '24
Simplified composite restorations in anterior esthetics
GC Europe nv - Benelux Sales Department
5.5 uur / punten
6.0 uur / punten
GC Europe nv - Benelux Sales Department
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do 3 oktober 2024
Esthetische tandheelkunde| Gnathologie| Restauratieve tandheelkunde
Vakinhoudelijk handelen|Kennis en wetenschap

I will take you during this course into the world of resin composite restora;ons. Simple and
effec;ve clinical protocols will be discussed to provide esthe;c and fun;onal anterior
restora;ons. Various layering techniques will be presented and prac;ced such as diastema
closure restora;on with monochroma;c layering, crown fracture restora;on with polychroma;c
layering, and direct veneer restora;on with injec;on moulding technique.


Dr. Bora Korkut


DAY 1 – 03 October, 2024

08:45 Welcome at the GC Europe Campus

09:00 Lecture
The importance of the light behavior in the final shade, how to correctly do the color determination and a guideline for the layering technique with special focus on A’CHORD from GC
11:00 Break
11:15 Demo & hands-on
How to bring a tooth back to life by using standard, inside and outside shades
Application of opaque dentine, dentine and enamel shades on Class IV restoration
13:00 Lunch
14:15 Demo & hands-on
A complete and effective workflow for finishing and polishing
15:15 Demo & hands-on
Anterior Injection Moulding technique
17:30 End of the day

DAY 2 – 04 October, 2024
08:45 Welcome at the GC Europe Campus
09:00 Lecture
GC Posterior Solutions
11:00 Demo & hands-on
Posterior restorations: Extending the indications of direct restorations by using a high filled and a fibre reinforced composite in a direct overlay with cusp coverage.
13:30 Lunch & End of the course
City Tour