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“Probably no other technique or instrument used in dentistry is so universally accepted and advocated by the recognised authorities and so universally ignored by the practicing dentist” (Ireland L. The rubberdam: Its advantages and applications. Texas Dent J 1962; 80: 6-15)

Since its introduction in 1864 the presumed use of rubberdam in multiple dental procedures has increased. Nevertheless, in daily practice the use is not so widely spread as one would expect. Many reasons or excuses are being given not to use this simple means of isolation. The idea is simple, the practical execution is another story. Especially knowing that the use of rubberdam implies that we, as dental professionals, plan our work efficiently and that we are able to communicate well with our patients.

It is without any doubt that during endodontic procedures and during adhesive procedures the use of rubberdam is mandatory. This course tells us also what is possible if we ask ourselves the question : what if...

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